BRP produces world-class off-road vehicles for thrill-seekers. Its biggest obstacle to growth is the limited opportunities to use its vehicles and the accessibility of terrain across North America. To attract existing competition riders to BRP on their next purchase, the brand needed to explore new playgrounds.

A business success

Number of active regions and available playgrounds in the platform
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The insight

In the last few years, increasing urban sprawl has limited access to playgrounds for off-road vehicle users and led to stricter regulations around driving zones. In some cases, this has limited the creation of new off-road circuits.

Driven by the idea of discovering new types of experiences, off-road drivers have seen their level of excitement diminish. The possibility of being surprised by a new route was now the exception.

This tight-knit community quickly turned to social media and group discussions to share new riding opportunities. This is when the quest for available lands began!

As we were observing the community cooperating, helping each other find the perfect spot, we saw an untapped opportunity.

What if off-road riders were no longer confined to their own piece of land and were given the freedom to discover someone else’s mud paradise for a day?

On the other hand, what if landowners could rent their land and give riders the opportunity to have access to a multitude of new outdoor experiences?

For landowners, it's a way of monetizing the use of their under-used and sometimes under-appreciated land. For drivers, it opens the door to a world of new discoveries.

A real win-win situation.

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Véhicule récréatif dans un désert

And so Uncharted Playgrounds was born. Uncharted Playgrounds is an online booking system that connects off-road vehicle riders with landowners. Think Airbnb... but for off-roaders! How does it work? Simple: the platform offers new land for drivers to explore, and new income opportunities for landowners. A win-win situation. Our strategy was deployed in three steps:


1- Find Lands

Before launching the project, we had to populate our platform with existing and exciting properties. We contacted owners through a highly targeted SEM strategy and social campaigns in many parts of the USA.

Since our goal was to offer as many opportunities as possible, it was important for us to have a variety of locations, course types and prices.


2- Invite Riders

Once the platform was online with multiple locations and lands to be discovered, we encouraged riders to book their next adventure and explore new territories through targeted digital publications.


3- Optimize and Share

As bookings took place in many regions, we adjusted our campaign based on real-time results, as they quickly became an invaluable source of information for BRP.

We began to leverage booking and online visitor data as well as engagement metrics to adjust our promotional offers to purchase a new BRP vehicle regionally.

The Execution


1- Find Lands

Before even getting in touch with riders, we had to find exciting terrain for them to ride and play on.

Our first step was to reach out and populate our Uncharted Playgrounds platform. So we contacted landowners through highly geo-targeted SEM and social campaigns across North America. 

Working in concert with BRP field managers, we targeted off-road fanatics with social placements while utilizing lists of existing BRP vehicle owners.

2- Invite Riders

Once the platform went live with a variety of places and lands to discover, we encouraged riders to book their next adventure!

Using geographic filters, we targeted riders with lands less than 3 hours' drive from home by enticing them with images of other riders exploring new playgrounds close to home. We also encouraged them to participate in local events on some of the platform's most popular lands. 

To be relevant to riders and gain their trust, we used outreach tactics with longer-form dynamic video content to promote the platform. In addition, we then leveraged lookalike and retargeting audiences to target specific users already engaged to generate bookings.

3- Optimize and Share

The platform provided invaluable data for optimizing BRP's digital campaigns. We leveraged booking, engagement and visitor data to make real-time adjustments to our promotional offers at regional level. It also enabled us to identify high-potential markets for future dealer development.

A successful campaign

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