Our platform managers and analysts work together to master the world of search engines, social media and programmatic, and navigate the variety of auction models and algorithms. They translate real-time learning into action, making our plans more relevant, more responsive and more results-oriented. The expertise of our specialists and their in-depth knowledge of the platforms provide our clients with superior returns.


Our programmatic specialists work hand in hand with planning teams to help you reach your target audiences as efficiently as possible through display, video, au...


Our social media specialists are fluent in each of the native social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and all the new ones t...


With SEM specialists with a demonstrated ability to produce tangible results for major clients, we leverage cutting-edge technology that allows us to optimize m...

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) allows to efficiently deliver personalized messaging at scale. Our specialist DCO division, Adylic, boasts specialists that ...

Ad Operations

Our ad operations are incredibly efficient, offering many applications, from setting up digital campaigns within the ad server to managing tags and campaign tra...


Our specialist commerce division, Transact, is a consultancy offering end-to-end commerce services for our clients. At each stage of the shelf framework, we use...

Discover the wide range of our expertise

Insight & Strategy
Defining why and how your brand will reach the audiences that matter—in the spaces, places and moments that matter—is key to driving growth. We turn briefs into actions, with ideas and inspiration that change your brand's trajectory.
Data, Technology & Analytics
We use data-driven intelligence to inform our plans. We can advise you on the optimal configuration for your marketing technology ecosystem. And we'll decode the data to show you that what we did delivered results.
Activation & Performance
We identify how, where, and when your brand shows up in consumers’ lives. And we optimize our actions at every step, to deliver on both short—and long-term growth objectives.
Trading & Investment
Immeubles à bureaux. Crédit : Phil Desforges
We determine how much investment your brand needs to achieve your goals. Then, we navigate the marketplace for next-gen impact to make it possible to achieve those goals, at the best cost.



We are steadfast in our belief that marketing and media creativity needs to be constantly redefined. Because we are emboldened by the ever-more meaningful, memorable and impactful connections this creates between a brand and its audiences. And most importantly, because it drives business success.