The Mission

Every year, 8% of births happen prematurely and families have to handle the anxiety of such an unexpected situation. Préma-Québec is the only foundation in Quebec that support parents of premature children psychologically and financially. To pursue its mission, Préma-Québec needed to increase the number of new donors.

The 1.8 Pound Book allowed Quebecers to grasp the fragile reality of preemies… and to give generously to the cause.

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The Insight

Holding a premature baby in your hands remains engraved in your memory for a long time. But for those who have never experienced it, it's impossible to grasp all the fragility.

The Strategy

Préma-Québec thus created "Le livre de 1,8 livre" - a book weighing the equivalent of a very large premature baby. The best way to bring the fragile reality of a premature baby to life for all Quebecers, it also became a way to generate donations, since all profits from the sale of the book were donated to the foundation.

Like a storybook, the 1.8-pound book contains 4 light-hearted stories about prematurity. The book's dust jacket protects and keeps warm the delicate face on the cover. This little face, 23 cm in circumference, reflects the reality of a very large premature baby. Through the pages, the sensitive stories and the magnificent illustrations, we subtly see the dimensions of a baby's head change according to the number of weeks of gestation.

1.8 Pound Book

The Execution


Phase 1 - The Launch

Our first phase of communications began on November 1st, announcing the book's release on December 17th. We followed the best practices of any good book release: public relations, social posts, in-program TV appearances with a reading segment, a dedicated page on the foundation's website, 30 second video on television and in digital, out-of-home and digital display. Quebecers believed that the book would be released in the middle of December... right before the Holiday season.

Phase 2 - The Premature Release

On World Prematurity Day, which takes place every year on November 17th, we completely changed our creatives on all our channels to announce the premature arrival of the 1.8 Pound Book. The book was officially released in every bookstore across the province one month earlier than expected.

To give this early launch even more impact than it deserved, we put together: PR and social posts announcing the premature release, one of the book's authors gave an interview on Quebec’s most popular morning talk show and at the Montreal Book Convention, all TV, OOH, social and digital creatives were changed to announce the new release date. Finally, the book was available in stores and online one month earlier for Quebecers to buy it and provide donation to the foundation.

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