Redefining creativity to drive business success
Since its creation, Touché! has been the driving change in the media industry by redefining what marketing and media creativity means for advertisers. Why is creativity so important? In an ever-changing market, marketing and media complexity is ever increasing, and today’s consumer is lost in a sea of stimuli. For a brand to differentiate itself in this kind of environment, data-driven creativity is the single most important thing it can do to drive effectiveness and impact—and ultimately, business success.
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OMG provides unparalleled market clout and best-in-class data, technology, and analytics capabilities to enable intelligent data-driven marketing and deliver transformational outcomes for our clients’ businesses.

Touché! in numbers

Awards and recognitions
Touché! is the most awarded agency in Canada and Quebec and one of the top 15 most awarded agencies in the world for the past four years.
We are driving business success for many organizations across the country, in multiple verticals.
We have the most talented and dedicated in-house media professionals in the industry, in more than 24 speciality areas, to answer all your marketing and media needs.
Years of experience
Founded in 1995, Touché! was born from Alain Desormiers's entrepreneurial determination to do marketing and media differently. Touché! has since been a story of uninterrupted growth and entrepreneurial success in Canada.

Our values

Credit: Zuzanna Adamczyk
Creative Thinkers. And Doers.
Our purpose is finding creative ways to bring more value to our clients. Things that have never been done before. Whether it’s providing them with the necessary tools, crafting a winning strategy, or maximizing digital assets, we deliver. With creative solutions that surprise, inspire… and grow business.
Credit: Anton Darius Thesollers
Don’t Ration Passion.
A little passion goes a long way. And a lot? Well, now we’re really getting somewhere. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. Passion is the fuel that will take us anywhere we want to go. Fill ‘er up!
Credit: Christopher Burns
Done Deal.
We are entrepreneurs to the core. Resourceful, agile and hungry. If we believe in it, it will happen. Obstacles are simply there to be defied.
Credit: Nathan Roser
Change Rocks.
Change is the ultimate force in marketing. We welcome it with open arms as we give the status quo the boot. Whether we’re talking processes, technologies, structures, or services, inertia need not apply.
Credit: Edwin Andrade
It’s Team Time!
A cohesive, dedicated team is a powerful force. Because it takes an orchestra to play a symphony. Together, we’re not just stronger and faster… we’re happier!
Credit: Bill Jelen
You, to the Max.
Potential. It’s in each and every one of us, but it’s useless if we don’t make the most of it. Our goal is to encourage our employees to unlock that potential, feed their curiosity, and unleash something spectacular.
Inspiring leaders helping your business succeed
Always wanting to push the limits of possibilities through innovation, collaboration and creativity, our executive team's end-goal is to make sure that our teams, clients and partners succeed.
They trust us



We are steadfast in our belief that marketing and media creativity needs to be constantly redefined. Because we are emboldened by the ever-more meaningful, memorable and impactful connections this creates between a brand and its audiences. And most importantly, because it drives business success.