During Spring 2020, Montreal was the epicenter of covid-19 in Canada. The country’s covid capital was making the headlines, making Canadian tourists avoiding Montreal. Even Montrealers wanted to leave their city! Tourism Montreal needed to reinvent itself and adapt to this new context by making Montrealers, the biggest pool, and only, of potential tourists, fall in love with their city again.

A performing campaign

Occupancy rate of Montreal hotels
Traffic increase on the sites of partners with the passport offers
Traffic increase on the sites of partners with the hotel offers

The insight

Tourisme Montréal also had a fundamental, unifying role to play with the various stakeholders involved in the city's tourism activities. The aim was not only to entice Montrealers to spend time in their city as tourists, but also to encourage them to participate in their city's economic revival by promoting local businesses.

For Montrealers to fall in love with their city again, we had to identify what would pique their interest, knowing that these interests diverge from those of international tourists or the rest of Canadians. The pandemic situation and ever-changing health regulations demanded total agility, as access to activities changed week by week. We had to be ready to act and readjust our strategies in real time.

So we created our own database, integrating data from various sources to discover Montrealers' favorite activities in real time. This allowed us to adjust our offer and ads live!


Fall in love (again) with Montreal

Since we didn't have any information on Montrealers, we set up our own data feed to understand and track their various interests. In this way, we were able to identify in real time which activities to promote in our ads. By integrating and ranking real-time search queries with our database, we were able to identify the most sought-after activities in the city and highlight the most promising experiences for Montrealers. Four areas of interest stood out: urban wellness, culture, gastronomy and urban entertainment. We coupled this knowledge with the activities offered by our tourism partners to create our various activity passports.

Once we'd identified the most interesting activities, the next step was to identify the Montrealers most likely to participate in the city's economic recovery. Because we didn't have any precise indications, we initially adopted a very inclusive audience strategy based on different profiles: gourmets, sports enthusiasts, families, adventurous profiles...

To go further in understanding our audiences, we created the Relaunching Montreal Interest Index, an index automatically connected to our dashboard that allows us to monitor audience learning in real time. It helped us identify typical portraits of Montrealers who were most receptive to our messages. More than 35 audiences were built after connecting the index, which flowed according to the receptivity of the different audiences, in real time. This way, we could adjust our investments according to the most qualified and relevant audiences. 


A seemless execution


We created an index, the Montreal Interest Revival Index, to guide our decision-making. This index allowed us to adjust our commercial offers according to the likelihood of our audiences to purchase a passport or to purchase specific activities, and using our DMP, to classify user interests both in terms of activities and in terms of purchase behavior. We were then able to be more relevant to these unconverted profiles with unique activity offers, personalized according to their interests and needs.

We kicked off our campaign with a hero video and OOH across Montreal to attract the attention of Montrealers and tell them that their city was waking up form a slow Spring.

Then, by collecting the interests of Montrealers, based on their searches, web behavior and traffic to local partner sites, we were able to build a database highlighting the most sought-after activities and interests. We then began pushing our activity passports through programmatic banners. The next step was to push unique activity offers to the audience of users who had not converted with the generalist passport.

A succesful campaign

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Meilleure réponse à la COVID-19

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