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Festival of Media Global

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BRP invented Ski-Doo, the first snowmobile, in 1922. After almost a century, Ski-Doo still had a very dominant share of the market. But the industry is pretty still and often doesn’t see growth YoY.

Ski-Doo needed to grow the number of new entrants.

Think Escape Room. With an outdoor twist. On top of an isolated blizzard mountain. In a remote area.

This is “Escape Mountain”, a four-month campaign, centred around the broadcast of a 45-min documentary on the Discovery Channel, in USA and Canada. Escape Mountain aired in program, at a prime time viewing hour. It was heavily promoted by Discovery in all of their TV shows to maximize viewership. The long format allowed to carry the adrenaline rush we needed to convince new entrants from the extreme winter sports community.

Like a blockbuster, the film was launched during Ski-Doo’s annual sales event, with dealers and their VIP customers. The attendance of the pro riders featured in the documentary added a layer of excitement.

The show was then cut down in shorter videos for online viewers on Ski-Doo’s website and YouTube. These digital platforms featured exclusive content, including stories about the five participants. To target the right audience, we leveraged Ski-Doo’s 1st party data but also opened the targeting to a broader audience including lookalikes and extreme winter sports fanatics.

We invested most of the budget before the first snow (August-November), a bold strategy that succeeds in stimulating preseason sales, even in regions that had no snow precipitation before December. 

Mission accomplished!



increase in sales YoY

increase of market shares