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When consumers plan a trip from Point A to Point B, their primary concern is to have the shortest travel time. However, because of their unconditional love of cars, drivers tend to be overly optimistic about how long it actually takes to get somewhere by car, failing to factor real-time road conditions into their calculations.

Data serving consumers

VIA Rail, Canada's national rail passenger service, constantly compete with car in the Windsor-Québec road

Real-time display of time to destination at specific locations
Via En 2

Before Travelling

We identified drivers about to travel by targeting those who looked up for weather or traffic information for a destination outside their home town with digital banners and SEM communicating real-time travel times for car versus train. 

Via Rail Toronto Ottawa

During Travelling

With digital out-of-home, we covered all of the major highways between Quebec City and Toronto. The message was adapted in real time, displaying the estimated arrival time based on the location of each sign and current traffic conditions. Because it was based on the geo-location of each board, the message was always customized. 

Via En 3

After Travelling

We leveraged our out-of-home partnership to collect all the mobile deviceIDs of drivers exposed to the advertising as well as drivers who were stuck in traffic jams. We then retargeted these drivers as they arrived at their destination, displaying a personalized message that reminded them of the frustration of being stuck in traffic and the benefits of taking the train.

Results exceeding expectations

Increase in train ridership

increase in revenues

increase in conversion rate

Simon Parent

Simon Y. Parent

Principal director, Marketing and Optimization

The strength of this campaign lies in the holistic view of the media ecosystem from Touché!, their understanding of the state of mind of motorists in organizing their intercity travel and the development of highly innovative media solutions. As a result, surgical interventions with highly qualified motorist audiences have been possible.

Through their data analysis and logical orchestration of media, the train's benefits have been amplified at key moments, leaving a strong emotional footprint that increases the train's rate of consideration for future trips. All of this in a nice working atmosphere levelling up.