For 90 years Canadian Tire has enabled play in Canada. And, then people stopped playing. The launch of the "We all play for Canada" campaign signaled the renewal of our commitment to get Canadians playing again.

A succesful campaign

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A famous team photo

As a winter nation, Hockey is Canada’s # 1 sport, and Canadian Tire is the go-to store for all things related to active living and hockey. Following the enormous success of Canada at the 2014 Olympics, positive sentiment, pride and patriotism was at an all-time high in the country; not able to compete in a price war against our American rivals, we fanned the flame of patriotism, to win consumers share of heart.

Hockey is a platform where Canada dominates, we used it as a patriotic lever to represent the fight it was leading against giants Target and Walmart. The central idea of the campaign was “Team Photo”. It’s based on the insight that it takes more than athletic ability to excel in sports. It takes the collective efforts and sacrifices of an entire community.

Canadian Tire came together with Jonathan Toews, captain of team Canada and 300 volunteers from his hometown, who had contributed to his illustrious career, demonstrating that by working together we could surmount the opposition and achieve great things.

A great execution

Photo d'équipe d'hockey sur une patinoire
Photo Facebook d'une patinoire extérieure
Homme avec un veston

The team photo

Canadian Tire and Jonathan Toews came together to create the biggest and truest Team Photo ever. It meant finding 300 people from his hometown who had contributed to his career. That team Photo symbolized that each one of us has a role to play in getting our kids active. From this, we created 13 mini-documentaries about these Winnipeg volounteers, which lived on the website. An extensive digital strategy drove consumers to the website and we extended reach of these stories by seeding them through native advertising and social media. In collaboration with CBC, we broadcasted a 30 minute documentary featuring these unsung heroes.

A song

We synchronized Facebook posts to our TV ads prompting downloads of the song featured in the spot. “We-All-Play-for-Canada” became the most downloaded song in Canada.

A classic jacket

To commemorate our first Olympic Sponsorship, we commissioned a one of a kind Team Photo jacket and… we found the perfect candidate to wear it.... Don Cherry wore the team photo jacket during HNIC an unprecedented 3 times. Soon, other celebrities joined the movement; “We-All-Play-for-Canada” became the rallying cry of a nation.

A succesful campaign

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