In the crowded industry of beverages, milk had quite an exhaustive challenge to face in order to remain a strong player in this category and protect its market share. At the start of the campaign, milk had a reputation as ‘kids’ drink’, which was concerning since we were aiming at increasing consumption against 18-34 years old.

Quebecers were comforted

Increase in milk consumption year over year.
+ 1%
Users visited the website comforting.com
250 000
Meet a real need of Quebecers
The campaign was centered around the simple yet evocative signature: 'milk, a natural source of comfort' and we decided to capitalize on the campaign's strongest icon : wool. We have altered multiple characteristics of different media platforms to surprise consumers with a lot of colors, effects and dimensions that were never used during the darkest months of the year.

Create comfort zones

We capitalized on the weather, which offered an interesting platform for the development of several new formats, both spectacular and unusual. Bad weather is often a source of depression. The media we used, often consumed in transit, allowed us to break the daily doldrums by becoming a source of comfort thanks to their neuralgic locations. We were able to put a smile on the faces of people on the move, to comfort them, in short, to further solidify our communication axis.

We also took an innovative approach to broadcast frequency. It was also integrated into one of the year's major television properties.

All in all, the brand was omnipresent at key times of the year, when the weather and current events were creating a certain gloom in people's daily lives. It was an excellent strategy to anchor the "comfort" axis in the collective mind and encourage milk consumption.

A tight-knit execution



Transit shelters were re-designed with gigantic tuques at key locations. Heaters and earphones were installed to the great pleasure of users who could listen to comforting stories in a warm environment. Mega columns were also topped with colorful wool tuques. In metro stations, subway trains were covered by simili wool material. Backlits were used to hang some hand-made wool knitting. Some were modified to also include an earphone system where users were also able to listen to comforting stories. 3D wool elements were installed on spectacular out-of-home units and billboards’ metal poles along major highways were covered in simili wool material.


On radio, we were able to negotiate the totality of a radio commercial break to broadcast comforting stories. We were also able to embed the stories within the content of Radio-Canada.ca – a premiere in both cases


In digital, heartwarming message bubbles have found their way into instant messengers in addition to mobile banners in order to download heartwarming ringtones. Eventually, bubbles were integrated into various news portals. A free special designed iPhone app was created where users were challenged to knit the longest piece of wooled scarf. Dynamic online DHTML were used to showcased the application’s game play and animation.


In television, the sponsorship of the la Classe de 5e will have allowed viewers to take "control" of the axis of the campaign and to comfort 10 regional organizations in Quebec through a contest.

A succesful campaign

Media Innovation Awards
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Mix média $250k et +

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