Sport Chek, the largest retailer of sporting goods in Canada, wanted to launch a new inspirational signature through various media to reach the sport enthusiasts around the Country to let everyone know that “Your better starts here.”

A business success

Hours of interaction with the brand
30 000
Searches for the brand
Video views
3 500 000

Create an emotional connection with customers

The strategy was to bring the tagline "Your better starts here" to life. So we stepped outside the box and marked exactly where physical activity begins. We selected environments in line with the target group's training habits. To stay true to the signature, we aimed to integrate advertising specifically at the entrance to workout areas, to inspire consumers to give their best during their sporting activities.

We also wanted to create an emotional bond between Sport Chek and its sporting clientele. To achieve this, we relied on video for its emotional charge.

What's more, by integrating a wide variety of sporting environments, Sport Chek positioned itself as the reference for a multitude of sports in Canada.

Demonstrate the retailer's expertise in several sporting areas



Over 500 different locations throughout Canada were hand-picked, each of them marking exactly where consumers’ journey towards « a better self » began : - We tagged the entrance of hundreds of gyms throughout Canada. - We greeted sport enthusiasts as they entered university sport centers. - We surprised the target in their lockers, their spinning rooms, and weight rooms. - We were there when they stepped in the dance studio. - We were there for their first ride on the bike path and for their first footsteps on the track.


Research also shows that sport enthusiasts are strong new technology users. So, we used smart phones, iPads, computers and “smart” TVs to deliver sport-specific videos. Each consumer viewed a video in line with their preferred sport. An XBOX Live platform was created allowing users to view all videos. They could also download a free digital poster for their XBOX wallpaper. The download rate reached almost 50%.
Piste cyclable
Gym avec basket

A succesful campaign

Best in Retail
Media Innovation Awards
Prix media Infopresse
Best use of Display

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