In 2007, BRP introduced the Spyder, a three-wheeled motorcycle that quickly became a success with riders whose average age is…60+! In 2019, faced with declining sales and a non-renewed consumer base, rejuvenating the Spyder brand became a matter of survival. That is why, BRP launched the Ryker in 2019, a new three-wheeler model targeted at a younger generation of riders.

Ryker turned the industry on its head

Increase in sales YOY
Decrease in the average age of Ryker consumers
2 millions

The Launch of the Ryker was not an Easy Task

We needed to break social stigmas: focus groups showed that young drivers openly expressed that the existing three wheeler” were not cool” and “is made for grandparents”.

Moreover, while BRP engineers described the model as evolutionary, focus groups showed that millennials thought the Ryker’s design stood out from the mould and didn’t looked like a motorcycle their grandpa could drive like the Spyder did. 

Based on this insight, two media behaviours emerged:

  1. Ryker had to break away from the category conventions to abolish the "uncool" association millennials had against the standard three-wheeler.

  2. The campaign needed to push for a trial. Indeed, the two models might look the same, but the driving experience was quite different.


Taking Over the Millennial Culture

The question is, how do you introduce Ryker to a younger audience, who has no interest in the three-wheeler category? Well, by landing the Ryker in the Millennial culture with a clever product integration strategy!

Three-wheelers were always positioned in niched power-sports environments. Our competitors’ media behaviours were undifferentiated, and they all battled to sponsor the same motorcycle racers…

To break away from the category convention, we challenged ourselves to act like a millennial brand, to commercialize the product as if we were a limited sneakers edition or designer drop at a mass retailer...That’s how celebrities, influencers, exclusive events, and graffiti became part of our plan to engage with young riders - A bold move for the category! It proved to potential millennial drivers that Ryker shares their values. We needed an ad campaign to prove it.

 Launching a new model to attract a much younger audience also meant starting our data strategy from scratch. BRP historical data was accurate at predicting sales against riders aged 55+ but failed to predict who the new, younger consumer is. The media strategy needed to provide quick access to a large pool of new data to map the new buying journey and target the right potential buyers. The product placement strategy was perfect to create a pool of online audiences in record time.

 Last but not least, it was critical to demonstrate that the Ryker’s driving experience was “a ride like no other”. We needed to entice trials and interactions with the Ryker brand.  The strategy was to create road tests that would be as distinctive as the product itself.

Reach a younger audience


Influencer Strategy

While our competitors signed up influencers for the power-sports world, we created an exhaustive content strategy with influencers from the pop culture world. We partnered with pop icons Maluma (88.6Mfollowers) and Migos (22Mfollowers) in their latest music videos where the Ryker was featured in more than 25% of the content. On top of those placement, we had an extensive social amplification strategy that resulted in more than 200 personalized stories shared.

Cultural Out-of-Home

Since we had no historical data of millennials in the three-wheeler category, this successful influencer program unlocked our data strategy. By analyzing the millions of views generated by the music video and social integration, we identified and targeted new high-potential segments. We advertised with graffiti in trendy neighborhoods across USA and Canada. In Miami, we had floating billboards on boats to reach young beach goers.

Pop-up Shops

To entice trial, we created 10 pop-up stores and 13 ride shows where the customer could road-test the vehicle. This is when “A ride like no other” came to life: consumers got to try Ryker on a day-and-night course, to which they felt the energy powered by the vehicle.

A succesful campaign

Media Innovation Awards
Brand Integration
Internationalist Digital Awards
Best Regional Campaign
Prix Idéa
Integrated Campaign of more than 250 000$
Prix Idéa

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