May 23, 2024
The Lastest Innovations from Google
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Google continues to innovate to make the search experience smoother and more enriching for users. Discover here the latest features that promise to change the way we search and interact with search results.

1. Circle to Search

By simply circling on your screen, you can select images, text, or videos and instantly find the information you need. This feature has been available since April on some Android phones in a testing phase. With significant long-term potential for retail, this innovation promises to simplify the search experience like never before. You can see this feature in action here.

2. Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Search Generative Experience (SGE) Another interesting innovation is the Search Generative Experience, Google's new search experience that uses generative artificial intelligence to provide more information and context during searches. Launched in beta in 2023, this feature could revolutionize search practices. Although the format is still in beta for now, our team is closely collaborating with our partners at Google to test this feature and fully leverage the Google search ecosystem.

3. Gemini : la réponse de Google à ChatGPT

Gemini: Google's Answer to ChatGPT Gemini, Google's conversational platform, represents a direct response to ChatGPT, offering similar features such as answering questions, creating content, and simplifying text. Already launched in the United States and now available in Canada, Gemini is accessible in English and French, as well as in 40 other languages. This platform is also being tested in some Google applications, such as Google Ads, to provide text suggestions and recommendations. Although it is a promising tool, it is essential to consider associated risks, including verifying sources used and ensuring privacy of shared information. This feature is undergoing careful study by our SEM and SEO teams to fully leverage artificial intelligence for ad creation and writing, as well as keyword optimization.

While these innovations have not yet disrupted the search engine advertising market, they offer opportunities to explore in SEO and SEM to better prepare for these changes in the search ecosystem.



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