June 6, 2024
Unveiling Montreal’s Playful Side: A New Brand Platform for Tourisme Montréal

Tourisme Montréal has set forth on an exciting journey with the launch of its innovative brand platform, designed to captivate and entice travelers to explore the vibrant city. Already making waves in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, the platform, aptly named “Your Playful Side Awaits,” is a testament to Montreal’s allure as a destination bursting with unique experiences.

At the heart of this initiative lies a captivating 90-second video, available in both English and French, which showcases the diverse array of adventures awaiting visitors in the city. From cultural landmarks to culinary delights and everything in between, the campaign aims to showcase Montreal's multifaceted personality.

To amplify its impact, Tourisme Montréal has partnered with Touché! and creative agency LG2, to roll out a comprehensive 360 campaign. This strategic collaboration will see the offensive onfold across various touchpoints throughout the summer, with tailored adaptations for different markets and languages across North America.

Michèle Duchesneau, Director of Strategy on the account, explains, “We are promoting ‘Your Playful Side Awaits’ across multiple touchpoints, catering to travelers' interests and market nuances.” This dynamic approach includes specialized campaigns such as ‘Your Foodie Side Awaits,’ ‘Your Curious Side Awaits,’ and ‘Your Festive Side Awaits,’ each designed to resonate with specific traveler personas.

Duchesneau underscores the campaign's innovative spirit, stating, “The idea was also to push it further to find new ways to bring the platform to life. We reuse certain key locations to increase memorability, but the new platform allows us to add a level of creativity that brings out the playful side of Montreal.”

The campaign's media mix encompasses video ads, collaborations with local partners and targeted placements on connected TV. Moreover, eye-catching out-of-home creatives, including hand-painted murals and digital billboards, will adorn select neighborhoods frequented by the brand's target audience.

Central to the brand's strategy is the desire to attract high-value guests: travelers who seek immersive experiences that celebrate a destination's heritage and culture. Duchesneau emphasizes the importance of strategic targeting, ensuring that the campaign resonates with diverse audiences across different markets.

Sylvie Charette, Chief Marketing Officer at Tourisme Montréal, reflects on the platform's significance in the current landscape, noting, “The timing of this launch couldn't be more opportune, with travel rebounding as a top priority post-pandemic.”

She emphasizes the brand's evolution towards a visitor-centric narrative, aiming to fulfill travelers' aspirations and desires.

As the narrative of Montreal's playful spirit unfolds, Touché! is proud to be at the forefront of crafting innovative and impactful campaigns. Such campaign underscores the agency's dedication to pushing innovation and bringing the brand platform to life in creative ways.

As Montreal emerges as a wide-open playground for adventurous souls, Tourisme Montréal's new brand platform serves as a beacon, inviting travelers to rediscover the joy of exploration and play. With its dynamic campaigns and immersive experiences, the city beckons visitors to uncover their playful side and create unforgettable memories amidst its vibrant streets.