19 septembre 2022
Now more than ever, Touché! is redefining creativity to drive business success of its clients

New forward-looking branding

After 27 years of award-winning campaigns and valuable collaboration, Touché! wanted to raise the profile of everything it has worked to build: a solid leadership team, talented experts who constantly hone their skills, a roster of some 40 exciting clients, over 450 national and international industry awards, and the ability to masterfully harness the combined power of data and creativity. 

Against the backdrop of a constantly shifting media landscape, Touché! is also looking more than ever toward the future. For this reason, the agency decided to refresh its branding with the help of lg2 and today is unveiling a new, modernized brand identity focused on growth, acceleration and creativity.


 "Just like a person, the face of a brand changes as it grows. We've come a long way since Touché!'s first visual identity, whose explosion-like design illustrated our initial goal of conquest and impact, both for our start-up and for our clients. Some 27 years and several iterations later, the new face we're showing the world is a stark contrast: established, fresh and forward-looking. It is also built around precision and sophistication—the new hallmarks of our service offering—and our ever-present ambition to push the limits of possibilities and help our people and our clients grow. Long live Touché!"

-      Alain Desormiers, Founder, Touché!


Redefining creativity to drive business success of its clients

The new branding emphasizes the agency's promise to all of its clients every day: that it will redefine media creativity and innovation to produce meaningful business results and game-changing campaigns that strike a chord with people. Touché!'s recipe for success is simple: a corporate vision that reflects today's media realities and anticipates tomorrow's possibilities, fueled by data and driven by creativity.

At Touché!, this same promise also extends to the agency's talent. That's why the agency always seeks out new challenges, new expertise, new training, new partnerships and anything else employees need to build a successful career.

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"Now, more than ever, Touché! is looking toward the future and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. We're integrating cutting-edge technology to redefine the concept of media creativity and meet the complex challenges of data and e-commerce that don't fit neatly into traditional media planning models. We want our branding to reflect our focus on the future and the growth that has defined our organization since the very beginning."

-      Karine Courtemanche, CEO, Touché!


Strategic rebranding expertise

Touché!'s unique approach to media—fueled by data and driven by creativity—earned it an unrivalled reputation in the industry. However, its brand ecosystem was not up to date with its current service offering. That's why Touché! hired creative agency LG2 to refresh its brand identity and make it reflect Touché!'s considerable stature.

Ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow

For the rebranding exercise, LG2 reimagined all of Touché!'s touchpoints using a multidisciplinary approach that combines design and digital experience. Two major transformations came out of this rethink: the brand platform and the revamp of its digital platform, which now offer an overview of all of the agency's expertise, specialties and top employer brand. The transformation reflects the agency's new reality and highlights its key advantages over the competition, namely its solid skills, technological tools, entrepreneurial spirit, creative positioning and talented experts.