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Bronze, Search

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Grand Prix, Search

Prix Media Infopresse

Prix, Technological Innovation

Every day, people ask simple questions to their search engines. But they expect way more than simple answers. They expect to have a conversational and personalized experience with their devices.

Sports Experts decided to tackle this challenge by designing its very own search bot

A 3-step activation
Stratégie 1 En

Step 1

The path begun when consumers searched higher-funnel keywords such as “bikes”. An ad was served in the first position, introducing the search bot and prompting searchers to choose between the different types of bikes, displayed as sitelinks.

Stratégie 2 En

Step 2

Instead of sending these searchers to the website page, we redirected them to another Google search results page, asking them to choose a specific brand of bikes. 

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Step 3

We then drilled down a few more levels, until we found out the type, brand, gender and price bracket associated with the initial “bike” keyword, allowing us to lead consumers to the most relevant landing page. 

Impressive store visit results

increase in store visit rate

more store visits at the last level of choice

less investment for each store visit