Blind Love

Tourisme Québec


Festival of Media

Gold, Best Use of Video

Media Innovation Awards

Silver, Best in Websites and Microsites

Media Innovation Awards

Silver, Best in Consumer Engagement

The experience of travelling through Quebec is brought to life through the five senses. To showcase a one-of-kind perception of the region, the Belle Province invited a man to live a "journey that didn't need to be seen to be believed."

a challenge to achieve an ambition

When looking at the travel industry, Quebec is facing tough competition. It had to distinguish itself from well-known destinations such as Hawaii, France as well as smaller lively destinations like Amsterdam and Melbourne.

showcase the Quebec experience enjoyed by a visually impaired person through an interactive video documentary

a strategy fueled by data

We needed to place Quebec in the consumer's list of considered destinations and create a greater impact. Therefore, at each touchpoint of the campaign, consumers could experience how Quebec stimulates all the senses through the perspective of a person who does not have one of them.  

Quebec Original Blindlove Case 2

an execution driven by creativity

To launch the documentary, we set up a war room that monitored and interacted with influencers. In the first week after its launch, the campaign was already a success with roughly 2.5 million views, $150M as PR value and even making it into Google's top trends. The high Quality Score of the documentary significantly decreased the subsequent cost per view. An extended interactive experience supported the documentary.  On this website, consumers could experience two sides of the story: Danny’s viewpoint and the perspective of his guide, a Quebec local. Videos made of short clips of the documentary were pushed on social media and travel websites. It drove traffic to the extended interactive experience while maximizing reach for the campaign.  Native integrations were also negotiated.

A banner campaign closed the loop on conversion. For instance, consumers who had interacted with food content would be pushed banners featuring this specific activity. Multiple audiences were therefore created and leveraged through programmatic advertising.

The campaign was made available in described video for the visually impaired, and targeted direct mail in Braille was produced.

results that go beyond the objectives

hours of content

Increase in the traffic crossing Quebec’s borders

Shares of the video