Leveraging the love…and the hate

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For the 2019 Holiday season, both retailers and consumers had a common enemy: lack of time. Black Friday was on November 28th, a week later than previous years. This meant that retailers, including Sport Chek, had one less week to make their sales during the critical moment of the year.

Sport Chek became the brand that solved consumer’s pain points by providing a better shopping experience during this hectic sales moment.

Leveraging the love… and the hate

We opened our ears to consumers' shopping experience in many different ways:

Using the custom-built Google Trend Queries tools and our own website search tool, we identified products that were surprisingly popular. A good example of that was a weighted Serenity blanket and a Theragun massage device. We did not have ads promoting these products at the beginning of the day. But when we realized how popular they were, we activated banner ads for them which allowed us to completely sell our inventory out!

Using TweeterDeck, a social listening tool, we realized that the Footlocker website was down and the Lululemon check out process was down. Therefore, we created an ad that invited those customers to our website, eliminating their pain point.

Using the same TweeterDeck tool, we realized that people were complaining about Wal-Mart overselling, then cancelling orders for Apple Watches. Therefore, we created an ad promoting the Apple Watches inventory still available at Sport Chek.

The strategy was simple: we zeroed in on a consumer pain point, we matched it with a Sport Chek offer and pushed that offer to market…in a real-time manner. 

Bottom line: each time we listened to consumers, we sold-out on those products!

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