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Everyone knows how good milk tastes with cookies. Milk also pairs perfectly with a variety of foods and... life’s special moments.

a challenge to achieve an ambition

In Quebec, 40% of consumers have the feeling they do not drink enough liquids on a daily basis. Why not create everyday moments for consumers in order to change some well-established food habits?

stimulate interactivity by asking consumers to submit their own food/moment pairings
Plq Le Lait Va Bien Avec Case 3

a strategy fueled by data

This campaign was born form the insight that milk is seen as complementary, often upstaged by the more interesting food items that are part of the meal and thus rarely the centre of attention. Every touchpoint of this campaign invited consumers to create their very own favourite milk pairing. By having consumers express their favourite combinations of milk pairings, we hoped to create a renewed craving for it.

An execution driven by creativity

Making use of both digital and traditional media, the campaign culminated in Montreal's public transit system, displaying a wide selection of user-generated submissions. Transit shelters were modified for people to interact with the ad, creating their own combinations. A print splitter concept was devised allowing people to flip the top and bottom of the page revealing multiple combinations. Online, people could type directly into the banners, feeding our data collection engine. The final phase exhibited 500 unique posters created from inspiring combinations, dominating Montreal’s transit system.

results that go beyond the objectives

higher volume of sales in Quebec than in the rest of Canada

milk combinations were submitted

Prints were created

mission accomplished!

Julie Gelinas

Julie Gélinas

Directrice marketing des producteurs de lait du Québec

"We are very proud of our alliance with touché!, which has made it indispensable in our marketing performance. Our interests are managed with great care and attention. Their relationship with our advertising agency is also noteworthy since their group is perfectly integrated into our strategy processes and their input is the guarantee of a seasoned relevance."