Insurance is a game!


Media Innovation Awards

Gold, Best in Financial Products and Commercial Services

Media Innovation Awards

Silver, Best in Integrated 250K


Silver, Best in Financial Products


Gold, Local Brand or Service in a Local Market

No one really enjoys shopping for insurance. With this campaign, Ajusto wanted to simplify the entire process while letting drivers have a little fun.

a challenge to achieve an ambition

We quickly realized through research and social media tracking that consumers were concerned with data safety. There was a lot of negative noise, with people and competitors comparing Ajusto to “Big Brother.” The task became even more arduous.

use gamification to reduce the negative perception of insurance
Desjardins Ajusto Case 4

a strategy fueled by data

Even when they’re in their cars, drivers seldom tear themselves away from their smartphones. The strategy was to launch an app with a gamification dimension. All users had to do was download the app and take their device with them when they drove. It tracked their driving performance and estimated their insurance rebate over a 90-day, no-obligation trial. More importantly, users could invite friends to a healthy competition and find out who the best driver of the group really was!

Desjardins Ajusto Case 2

an execution driven by creativity

To reduce sensitivity around data confidentiality, we designed a wide range of radio and TV integrations. We created friendly competitions among TV stars and radio hosts, and audiences engaged with the celebrities and cast their votes for whom they thought would be crowned the best driver. These challenges cleverly integrated the new app while addressing popular misconceptions around data. To stimulate Ajusto’s organic ranking in the app stores, we maximized frequency through a combination of high-impact digital formats and numerous short TV formats. Lastly, digital closed the loop with conversion.

results that go beyond the objectives

According to an Ipsos study, respondents who had been exposed to the campaign had positively changed their perception of Ajusto.

Sales increase from previous year

mission accomplished!

Sylvie Paquette

Sylvie Paquette

President and Chief Operating Officer of Desjardins Insurance

"We are delighted with the results of the Ajusto program since its launch. We remain convinced that the Ajusto application will allow more and more drivers to contribute to the improvement of the driving environment, one download at a time."