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For Black Friday, Sport Chek had an ambitious target: beating Amazon at the online retail battle they’ve owned for more than a decade.

Featuring the right “star products” on Sport Chek’s ads and betting on the right categories is critical to success. In retail, these “star products” are usually selected by merchandizing experts months in advance, missing out on the opportunity to react to changes in consumers’ product preferences.  

Understand and bet on Digital Window Shopping

In the seven days leading up to Black Friday, we detected a new analytic trend: the average number of items left abandoned in Sport Chek’s website carts increased by the hour, reaching unpreceded high. We called this new trend “Digital Window Shopping”: placing items temporarily in Sport Chek’s carts, consumers look for similar options on its competitors’ website.

We quickly realized that these temporary carts were a golden mine of insights. They told us, in real time, which items, out of the hundreds of thousands sold by Sport Chek, could be used as “online door crashers”, to attract an unpreceded number of visitors to its website. It also revealed what categories and products to leverage to win the share of voice war against Amazon.

Items that we found in abandoned carts were quickly featured in our mass campaign, reaching 30% of Canadians consumers in only a few hours. We promoted star products online to a wide audience of high potential consumers, through a variety of digital touch points, from YouTube to Google search to Instagram.

Results are available upon request